About This Blog

In 2013 I’d reached my limit— stress at work; a failed relationship; and broken family ties added up to a whole lot of pain. It all felt like so much. I was mad at myself and everybody else because nothing in my life had turned out the way I planned. It hurt to smile and I could no longer pretend that I was happy. I desperately needed to be honest about where I was and the hopelessness I felt about my future. There in that place of despair, God met me and pulled me up (Psalm 40).

Thankfully I can say I’m no longer in that place! Over time He has shown me that the pathway to contentment begins with the discipline of thanksgiving. As I kept track of what God was doing in, through and for me, I realized it wasn’t enough for me to keep it to myself or only in a journal –I needed to share it.

Here in the ‘One Grateful Me’ community, we strive to be honest about the journey towards contentment. It’s not always easy, yet we are learning to trust God- one day at a time, no matter how the circumstances or seasons change (Philippians 4:11-12).

Join us!