Dealing With Depression

I’ve been away from blogging for quite some time now.

While there’s been more than one reason for this, I realize that depression has been a large contributing factor. It’s hard to concentrate for long periods of time and the motivation to write or even read much simply hasn’t been there. I told myself I’d start writing again once I moved past this “issue”… But this heaviness persists and doesn’t go away just because you want it to. After so much progress, growth and time spent on personal development and working through “old stuff” the last 5 years, I’m surprised to find myself in this space again; particularly when one starts a blog based on the premise that it’s possible to choose contentment no matter the circumstances in life.

2018 is the final year for the “Write 31 Days Challenge”. While I’ve wanted to participate for the last several years, somehow I always found a way not to. At this point, it’s now or never. This month I will be writing on the topic of dealing with depression. I wanted to focus on a different subject, but this is the space I’m in right now. Generally, I prefer to spend a lot of time polishing a post before it’s published, so posting for 31 days straight will indeed be a challenge. (* Full disclosure: It took 4 days to write this introduction post and another two to post it!) Given the rate of production, all posts may not reflect my best work, but I think that’s ok…

I’m hoping that what I share will not only get me back in the flow of writing regularly, but also be an honest depiction of what it looks like to reconcile my questions of faith with the reality of experiencing depression. Thank you for reading. I hope you can join me!

*Please Note: This content will be moved to another blog address within the next week. As soon as the new link is available it will be posted here and you can keep up with this series at the new site.