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One Grateful Me Community

“Rejoice in the Lord always. Again, I will say rejoice!” – Philippians 4:4 NKJV

                  Scripture says to rejoice in the Lord always….the thing is in 2013 I couldn’t. Professional, financial, personal and relational challenges filled my heart with such bitterness that it was difficult to find joy in anything. Fast-forward to now (2016) – things have changed! One key to getting out of that pit was remembering what God taught me the years before….  In 2011 I saw someone doing a ‘100 days of Gratitude’ challenge on Twitter. It looked like a good idea, so I tried it too. First on Twitter, then again in 2012 on Facebook… the second time I participated in the challenge was an eye opening experience for me. After I practiced gratitude over 60 days my disposition really started to change for the better.

Challenging myself to find one thing I was thankful for each day forced me to train my heart and eyes to recognize the many things, people, places, opportunities and experiences I had to be grateful for.

As I reflected on Paul’s words then in Philippians 4:4 I came to the conclusion that the call to rejoice is also the call to be grateful…it is the call to recognize God as the giver of every good and perfect thing (James 1:17) and to acknowledge the abundant grace He provides. Daily we are beneficiaries of His kindness.

In spite of this new perspective, once the challenge was over and life moved on, I dropped the discipline….

As I tried to understand the reasons for my unhappiness in 2013, I realized that gratitude had to become a daily habit in order to keep my heart from being gripped by envy and discontentment.

Here in the ‘One Grateful Me’ Community, we give thanks to God daily and celebrate His work in,          through and for each of our lives. There is no formula for learning how to be content…but the pathway does begin with the discipline of thanksgiving. Members of this community receive our monthly newsletter and have access to our closed Facebook group where we share what we’re grateful for daily. Click here to join!


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  1. This is very encouraging and is helping me to keep moving forward in the positive, and leaving the negative behind.

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