I’m Happy for You!…(Maybe)?

“Ooh…. let’s see that ring!!!”

Squeals of delight from earlier that day still rang in my ear. I’d finally had time to see one of my best sister-friends who was recently engaged.

I silently coached myself as she eagerly extended her hand for us to admire the rock.

             …. “Look happy… smile…. look happy!”…

Later I thought about the day and tried to make sense of my conflicted feelings….

                 Facts: This was one of my best friends.

             She’d found the man of her dreams.

           I wanted her to find love and be happy.

           ….yet I couldn’t deny the uneasiness I felt.

I mean, I was happy for her. Right? Or maybe I was just trying to convince myself that this was the case?

Alone in my car now resting my head on the steering wheel I quietly prayed, “Lord, please help me be happy for my sister!”

At the time I was single. Very single. No prospects on the horizon. And seeing another rejoice over what I desperately longed for made my heart ache in a different way. I knew if I was going to wholeheartedly participate in and enjoy all the wedding festivities that were soon to come, I had to prepare my heart to rejoice with her as she rejoiced. I truly wanted to learn how to celebrate with her in the face of my own lack….

It was at that moment in 2007 that my journey towards contentment started.

Here are a few things I want you (my fabulous new readers) to know…

  1. This blog is about learning how to be content, one day at a time, no matter how life’s circumstances may change.
  2. This blog is as much about contentment as it is overcoming life’s disappointments in whatever area and choosing to trust God anyway.

The month of April is all about introductions. I will be laying the foundation for the theme of this blog (contentment) and guiding you through the various features of the “One Grateful Me” community. New blogs are shared twice a week (Mondays & Thursdays). In the meantime checkout this Periscope Broadcast I shared about learning how to be content. Let me know what you think!

Periscope Day 55 – Year of Thanks – Thank God for where I’m at challenges & all!

8 thoughts on “I’m Happy for You!…(Maybe)?

  1. Hey, hey, hey! Loving your blog! I appreciate your Love for God & transparency! Thank you for sharing your daily walk towards your purpose. I’m looking forward to more posts!

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